Cleaning Marble Countertops

leaning marble is simple... but first, you have to learn it's characteristics and the right way to do it. Without the correct knowledge, you will make mistakes and cause damage. Once you learn more about marble qualities, maintenance needs and cleaning procedures and apply the recommended Marble Cleaning: Do's & Dont's, your marble will look fantastic for decades.

The Tips you find here also apply for travertine maintenance and limestone cleaning, which are in the same family as marble and have the same care and cleaning requirements.

For a complete guide to cleaning marble, travertine & limestone check out our new e-book: "Cleaning Marble Secrets".

This comprehensive manual thoroughly explains with step-by-step instructions all phases of marble maintenance: protection, cleaning, conditioning, repairing, prevention and restoration.... while also debunking many of the marble myths that get passed around the internet. Every marble countertop, shower and floor tile owner should have this valuable information to protect and prolong their investment.

Marble is gorgeous and for many nothing on the market -natural or man-made- can compare with its luxurious beauty. However, it's more sensitive to certain foods and chemicals.

Marble is a stone, of course, but it's not impervious and not nearly as hard or resistant as a granite counter top.

Marble is very durable and will last forever, however, marble cleaning and maintenance is definitely a different game than cleaning granite countertops.

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