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Waxing VCT Floors


Use an electric floor scrubber or stiff bristled brush with the stripper chemical at the proper dilution to remove any factory applied wax. This will also help to remove construction soil and glue that may heave seeped up between the tiles and been tracked on the floor.

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Use the squeegee and vacuum to remove all liquid from the floor. Use a clean, cotton blend mop and neutral cleaner to mop the floor. This will also neutralize the alkalinity of the floor caused by the stripper chemical. Failure to do this will result in a poor bond between the wax and the floor. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before proceeding to section two.

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Clean up all chemicals and tools, so the floor is empty. Put on your clean sneakers and do not leave and re-enter the are to be waxed. This cause you track in foreign material and contaminate the floor.

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Line your mop bucket with a trash bag and fill halfway with the sealer. Use a rayon mop dampened with sealer and apply to the floor in a figure eight motion. Apply in a thin even coat. Let the floor dry completely. Allow sealer to dry completely. Rinse your mop in clean cold water.

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Line your mop bucket with another clean trash bag. Fill one third of the way with wax. Use a dampened mop to apply the wax in very thin even coats using a figure eight motion. Let the floor dry completely.

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Repeat step two three to five times. Be sure to allow floor to dry completely between coats. The number of coats required will depend on the sheen you desire. The more coats you apply the shinier it will become. Allow the final coat to dry completely before replacing the furniture or allowing foot traffic.

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